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Howl is a new marketplace designed for creators and brands who crave transparent collaboration. Sounds pretty alien, right?
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Higher earnings
Creators on Howl get better rates and more flat fee deals. Earn more reliably and get the rewards and recognition you deserve.
Exclusive rewards
Get rewarded for your performance with cash bonuses, early access to product launches, sales, and more.
No return penalties
Brands trust creators on Howl, so returns aren’t deducted from your earnings.
Creative freedom
Your fans can see right through scripted ads. On Howl you’re trusted to voice your own opinion, with no approvals required.
Build your business with the world’s best brands
Are you a brand? Say hello to us here.
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Lightning-fast payments
Howl makes it easy for creators to get their money faster. With Instant Pay, creators can initiate same-day* transfers instead of waiting 30 days or more to get paid.

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Transparent, real-time data
See which posts are driving sales and what customers are buying as it happens.  Nothing’s hidden, nothing’s held back.
Work with your favorite brands
New earning opportunities are published to your personalized homepage every day. You'll only see brands that make sense for you—never spam.
Easy to use on any social platform
Make your first link in seconds—on Howl’s mobile app, desktop platform, or Chrome extension—and start earning on any social platform.
Your one-stop shop
Create your own Howl Storefront and make it easy to discover and buy your recommended products, all in one simple link, earning up to 25% more on every sale you drive.
This is why we Howl
Chelsea Edward
“I love Instant Pay! Game changer! I had my money in my account the very next day! If I had access to something like this when I was first starting out, I would have been able to create more content so much faster.”
Mike O’Brien
“Brands on Howl never ask me to make content about irrelevant products and the analytics are in real time–unlike affiliates where the analytics are cluttered and lag by a day or more."
Jen Luv
“I love the brand data on Howl. What’s unique is that I can make more specific, more relevant videos for my community based on what they’re buying right now.”